“Shakes, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll”

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Face it, people like to gossip. A few sure ways of getting negative people to start talking about you around the water cooler is #1 start your own business. #2 Begin a new health regime #3 Start dating someone new #4 Get a raise #5 Get fit #6 Come into some money #7 Go on vacation #8 Smile !!!

People who have difficult time being happy for others are not worth your time. What they think of you is none of your business, however it’s always nice to have a voice. Your voice is a gift and you have the right to express yourself publicly, share your truth and be heard. Sometimes your truth is the very thing that one person many need to hear to transform their own life. I know this, because I was that very person. Someone is sitting in quiet desperation praying for an answer to a prayer. By you opening your mouth and sharing a story of hope while others mock you is a generous and courageous act of kindness.

My video is not for those who wish me failure, but for those who I may lift up. Enjoy my video “SHAKES, DRUGS & ROCK AND ROLL” ( by private request only ) and may GOD BLESS YOU.

“Your time here is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life

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