Joy deal breaker ? When to let it go .

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I planned on taking Mario on a beautiful dinner for his birthday and chose and very high end restaurant with a unique menu, proper dress code, prices were steep but hey… It was a celebration 🎉 .

We spent the whole day shopping for a few fun gifts that made Mario feel special and rushed home to change into our dressy attire in time for our elegant dining experience .

When we arrived the table was set beautifully , the view was lovely , the waitress was warm helpful and from the moment we had our first sip of wine and tasted our appetizer we knew the place was a 4 star at the very least.

As we looked around we noticed that we were over dressed and I don’t mean a little bit , I mean a LOT a bit ! Next to us were two ladies in cut of shorts tank tops with bra straps hanging out and men with ratty jeans and sneakers . Opposite us was a family of 6 that looked like they just cam from a water park.  I was not happy .

I focused as much as I could on everything that was perfect like the food and service , but the eye sores became much louder than my joy . I decided that it was just too important not to say anything and asked to see the manager . He knew exactly why I called him immediately . He apologized, agreed with us and said that his hands were tied. I asked why they had a dress code if the didnt implement it , he had no answer . Anyway , I am wondering. If it’s worth it to write to corporate ? Or just let it go . Where as a rule I make a conscious effort to focus on the “positive” but in this case after spending $250 to look at Bubba and Becky with cut offs and greasy hair was a visual JOY deal breaker .

Thoughts ?

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  1. I would definitely make a complaint to corporate. If you were eating at Burger King or a beach side restaurant, it would be a different story. After paying those prices, you were expecting a perfect evening. Not Joe Bob & Jill in their cutoffs and flip flops!!!

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