It starts at the heart.

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“You should write a book Deena”, is what I have heard more times than I can count. But why? My life has been “my” life, so to me it’s my normal. It’s only when I begin to share my stories and experiences that it begins to take on a different hue. When I start to share my life with people, I can literally watch their faces morph into what looks like either awe, pity, terror or amazement.  It’s not judgment so much, but it tells me that this story isn’t “normal”. Sometimes jaws drop and I quite honestly don’t know why I got that reaction.  My life has been a bit unique I suppose, born into a legacy of music, entertainment Rock & Roll and the wackiness that goes along with it. Life was not your average life when your father was a mega producer to many iconic rock bands,  one being  The Rolling Stones !  Sure, you guessed it,….naturally, I went on to follow in those same footsteps. I have promised many ( including myself ) that I would write a book one day, but for now I am doing a test run with a blog.

I hope to find my voice here and get my writing/ storytelling chops together. I am much better at “sharing” face to face and “writing” songs, than blog / book writing, so grace please and go easy on me… no judgment. I know my grammar & punctuation can suck, plus I have good ol’ dyslexia TAH DAH ! ( sounds of nail biting)

Until I get a professional editor, please bear with me.

Okay so yes, I have had a pretty cool life, but what one perceives vs. the reality are quite different. I will  let you, the reader be the judge of how normal, crazy, or totally screwed up growing up as a rock and roll nomad really was. Nonetheless, I have survived and continue to have strong survival chops. Luckily I was born an optimist and spent a large portion of my life “going for” just about anything put in front of me. You see….I was the care taker of my Mom and my Dad, your typical codependent over achiever, so I learned quickly how to FIX , be IN CONTOL ( while being completely out of control ) I was blessed with a great knack for spotting an opportunity. Some people may view me as an entrepreneur, or renaissance woman. I like that. But I simply have many interests and wasn’t designed to do “one” thing. I like being super busy, as long as it’s creative. I am able to motivate myself and have a gift of motivating others.  Sometimes it’s hard to shut down my brain, which can be exhausting. I was put on medication many times during my childhood, late teens and early 20’s  for my overactive imagination which eventually lead to anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and depression, but then again, I don’t think I would be who I am today had it not been for the adversity and the character built from picking myself up off the ground a few times and dusting myself off. Prescribed drugs and I have been no stranger off & on, but I will talk more about this later and how I have learned to cope with my SPECIALITIES 🙂

When I reached my mid forties, some pretty harsh realities hit me.  I have been shaken up more than a few times in my life and came out the other side better and stronger  but the process always sucked. It took a complete emotional shattering that started me on my journey to the joy I am filled with today. Sharing some or these stories and experiences with others who are interested or possibly currently going  through their own fire are the people I hope to engage and connect with. I am not here to bring anyone down or throw a pity party.

This is a BLOG OF HOPE !

I am a world traveler when it comes to personal tragedies, growth and transformation.  Everyone is in a different place, but I hope to be able to help people feel less alone in their own beautiful crazy. If someone honestly wants to step out of their current situation and are willing to not let their past define them,  there is one big beautiful world out there.

I hope you will follow and learn more, with me.
Lets do this BLOG THING !!! yeah



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  1. “Everyone is in a different place, but I hope to be able to help people feel less alone in their own beautiful crazy.” God, I love this sentence. It’s a relief that someone feels my particular brand of crazy could be perceived as beautiful (and here the punctuation belongs inside the quotes).

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