30 Days to a BRAND NEW YOU !

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I am so excited to share my journey with you.
Two tears ago I began a nutritional system that changed my life.
I had several health issues that caused me not only to gain 30 pounds, but I was
feeling sluggish, no energy, I was depressed and had pain so severe in my neck and back that I would find myself in the E.R several times a year on morphine drips for pain.
I was on medications that made me feel even worse at times, having to choose between pain or lethargy.

The weight gain and bloat continued to get worse even tho I was doing everything I could to lose it. I was exercising while being exhausted, cutting carbs, counting calories, points, I tried EVERYTHING. I was at my wits end and then I decided to to try a nutritional system that a dear friend had been begging me to try.
It wasn’t a diet at all, it was all about providing my body with the Minerals and nutrients that
my body was starving for. !

I began detoxing my body then replenishing it with superfoods filled with nutrients
minerals, adaptogens and probiotics. Within 3 months I had lost all of the weight and within 6 months I got off ALL of my medication. My doctor was so impressed that she went on the system herself and now recommends it to her overweight patients and people with a variety of health challenges, like auto immune disorders and blood sugar related issues.

I have been on this program for 2 years and decided to do a complete RESET this summer and take my friends on a 30 day documented journey on how to detox the body. It’s simple, you can eat! The suppliments come in shake form and are DELICIOUS.

If you are interesting in learning more or getting started, take a look at my link for HEALTHY LIVING . I will get you started and even personally coach you through the system FREE OF CHARGE !


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