FEAR IS A LIAR – My story of hope

This is a story about my battle with panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression. How I manage to fight through fear , feel it and do LIFE in spite of it. I hope this is an inspiration to many people who suffer and especially to those who are new to the scariness of it all. There […]

30 Days to a BRAND NEW YOU !

I am so excited to share my journey with you. Two tears ago I began a nutritional system that changed my life. I had several health issues that caused me not only to gain 30 pounds, but I was feeling sluggish, no energy, I was depressed and had pain so severe in my neck and […]

When you die, then I’ll share my story?

 I don’t want my truth to destroy you. Because, it may. How many of you have dirty little secrets? Who do you share them with? Anyone? Our closest friends, family, therapist perhaps? With whom are we truly safe to share these secrets ? Does “sharing” release the feelings and the family dynamics associated with them? […]

It starts at the heart.

WHY A BLOG? “You should write a book Deena”, is what I have heard more times than I can count. But why? My life has been “my” life, so to me it’s my normal. It’s only when I begin to share my stories and experiences that it begins to take on a different hue. When I […]

Going for it ! The new normal.

How did I go from being one of the most popular woman in the New York “music scene” to being much less popular in only 20 months? CHANGE,  GROWTH  and a hell of a lot of COURAGE . It’s quite simple, I have been a professional singer & people pleaser all of my life until […]

“Shakes, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll”

PONZI SCHEME?? RELIGIOUS FREAK?? DRANK THE KOOLAIDE? SCAMMER? Face it, people like to gossip. A few sure ways of getting negative people to start talking about you around the water cooler is #1 start your own business. #2 Begin a new health regime #3 Start dating someone new #4 Get a raise #5 Get fit […]

Joy deal breaker ? When to let it go .

I planned on taking Mario on a beautiful dinner for his birthday and chose and very high end restaurant with a unique menu, proper dress code, prices were steep but hey… It was a celebration 🎉 . We spent the whole day shopping for a few fun gifts that made Mario feel special and rushed home […]